Data Logging Software GA10

Monitors and records data from a variety of instruments via networks


Easy-to-read screen

Easy-to-read screen


Custom Display Function (/CG Option) *New

Record & monitor your process directly from your PC and mimic your process using custom display

Custom Display Function


Connectivity with many devices

Broad support for data loggers, recorders, temperature controllers, signal conditioners, power monitors, and power meters.
Even acquires data from Modbus devices.

Connectivity with many device

Please see the table below for compatible models.

Compatible Models

  Products to be connected
Data Logger GM10
MX100, MW100
Recorder GX10, GX20, GP10, GP20
DX1000, DX1000N, DX2000
DX1000T, DX2000T
MV1000, MV2000
CX1000, CX2000
μR10000, μR20000
DR130, DR230, DR240
Temperature Controller UT75A, UT52A, UT55A, UT35A, UT32A, UP55A, UP35A, UM33A
PLC FA-M3V(F3SP7x) (Connected as Modbus instruments)
Power Monitor PR300, UPM100, UPM101 (Connected as Modbus instruments)
Signal Conditioner VJU7, VJS7, VJA7, VJH7, VJP8, VJQ7, VJQ8, VJX7, MVHK, MVRK, MVTK
(Connected as Modbus instruments)
Power Meter WT300*, WT500*, WT1800*, WT3000, WT3000E
Modbus device Instruments supporting Modbus communication

* Free GateWT software available for connecting to the WT300, WT500, and WT1800


Simple settings

Auto print settings

Automated printing of trends and other graphs. Configure by selecting contents, target channels, printers, and other settings.
Customizable layout, with output to Excel or PDF.

(Report/print functions optional)


Auto print settings

Aquisition settings

Simply choose an instrument to connect to and you're ready for acquisition.
If using a data logger/recorder, the tag names are automatically applied.*
You can easily scan on multiple channels.
Advanced settings can also be modified.

* Applicable recorder/data logger models

Aquisition settings


High reliability


Variety of functions

  • Alarm sound
    – PC beeps when alarms occur
  • Send via e-mail
    – Send e-mail based on various acquisition statuses
    – Specify multiple sending conditions and contents
    – SMTP Authentication / POP before SMTP
  • MATH channels *option
    – Computation on measured data in real time
    – Supports basic math and a variety of other operations
    – Alarms can also be set
  • Report printing *option
    – Auto printing of data including trends, instantaneous
     values, and hourly/daily reports
    – Supports layout customization and output to PDF/Excel
  • OPC-UA server *option
    – Supports OPC-UA communication for high security and
    – Leverage measured data in supported SCADA, databases,
     and other platforms
    – Confirmed OPC-UA products:
    GENESIS64 7.6.6 (iconics)
    Ignition V10.85 (inductive automation)
  • Standard support for multilogging
    – Enables acquisition of multiple data at different timing
  • 2 time modes
    – You can select PC time or instrument time for time stamps
    – Maintains consistency with instrument main unit files
  • User privilege settings
    – Set 4 privilege levels: Owner, Manager, Operator, or Monitor
  • Add monitoring PCs (client) *option
    – Monitor and share data on multiple PCs
  • DDE server
    – Utilize measured data in DDE compatible software including
     Microsoft Excel
  • Custom display*option New
    – Lay out components any way you like (such as Digital,
     Trend, Bar, and Image components).
    – Enable monitoring with custom displays tailored to your


Powerful applications

Data monitoring in manufacturing sites

Monitor factory data from the office.
You can also add clients and share data across multiple PCs.

Data monitoring in manufacturing sites

Recording data from multiple equipments

Saves testing/manufacturing equipment data on a PC.
You can even record individual equipment at separate times.

Recording data from multiple equipments


Modbus operation via custom displays *New

You can change the values of Modbus registers from custom displays.
Operation (control or record) can also be changed.

Modbus operation via custom displays


Operating environment

OS Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012
CPU Pentium 4, 3.2 GHz or faster (or equivalent), 64-bit OS recommended
Main memory 2 GB or more
Hard disk 200 MB or more of free space
Display A resolution of 1024 × 768 or higher, 65,536 colors (16-bit, high color) or more
Communication port RS-232, Ethernet, or USB port* supporting the OS*
Use a converter (ML2 recommended) for RS-422/485 communication.

* GM10 only

Line up

GX Series

The GX10/GX20 is a paperless recorder that provides intuitive operation through a touch screen. Its modular architecture supports a wide array of input/output modules, with even more modules available soon.


The GM is a flexible data logger that offers both reliability and ease of use.


GP series

The GP10/GP20 is a portable paperless recorder that retains the core functionality of GX10/GX20 and can be used on the desktop.


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