Model and Suffix Codes


Data Logging Software

Model Suffix Code Optional Suffix Code Description
GA10     Data Logging Software Basic license
Number of channels -01   100 ch
-02   200 ch
-05   500 ch
-10   1000 ch
-20   2000 ch
Optional features /RP Report/Print function
/MT Math function (Max. 2000 ch)
/UA OPC-UA server function
/CG Custom display function


If adding channels or features

Model Suffix Code Description
GA10UP   Upgrade license for GA10
Upgrade -01 Channel upgrade
100 ch ⇒ 200 ch, 200 ch ⇒ 500 ch, 500 ch ⇒ 1000 ch, 1000 ch ⇒ 2000 ch
-02 Channel upgrade
100 ch ⇒ 500 ch, 200 ch ⇒ 1000 ch, 500 ch ⇒ 2000 ch
-03 Channel upgrade
100 ch ⇒ 1000 ch, 200 ch ⇒ 2000 ch
-04 Channel upgrade
100 ch ⇒ 2000 ch
-RP Add Report/Print function
-MT Add Math function (Max. 2000 ch)
-UA Add OPC-UA server function
-CG Add Custom display function


If increasing the number of monitoring PCs (clients)

Model Suffix Code Description
GA10CL   Client license for GA10
Number of licenses -01 1 license
-05 5 licenses
-10 10 licenses
-50 50 licenses


Configuration example

Configuration example

Line up

GX Series

The GX10/GX20 is a paperless recorder that provides intuitive operation through a touch screen. Its modular architecture supports a wide array of input/output modules, with even more modules available soon.


The GM is a flexible data logger that offers both reliability and ease of use.


GP series

The GP10/GP20 is a portable paperless recorder that retains the core functionality of GX10/GX20 and can be used on the desktop.


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