SMARTDAC+ Series GX10/GX20/GP10/GP20 Paperless Recorders
Data Logging Software GA10
SMARTDAC+ Series GX10/GX20/GP10/GP20 Paperless Recorders


The SMARTDAC+ series is a simple and flexible data acquisition control system designed for ease of use in a variety of ways to provide an ideal operating experience for the user.

GX series

The GX10/GX20 is a paperless recorder that provides intuitive operation through a touch screen. Its modular architecture supports a wide array of input/output modules, with even more modules available soon.

GP series

The GP10/GP20 is a portable paperless recorder that retains the core functionality of GX10/GX20 and can be used on the desktop.


The Data Logging Software GA10 monitors and records data from a variety of instruments, and saves time and effort by centralizing monitoring and recording task on a PC.