Analog input module

GX90XA Analog input module (Universal input module)


Model GX90XA
Input type
(Inputs: 4/6/10)

DC voltage*1, standardized signal*1, thermocouple*1, RTD*2, DI*1, DC current (with external shunt resistor)*1, DC current*3, resistance*4

DCV 20 mV, 60 mV, 200 mV, 1 V, 2 V, 6 V, 20 V, 50 V, 100 V*5
Standard signal 0.4-2 V, 1-5 V
Resistance 20, 200, 2000 Ω
Thermocouple R, S, B, K, E, J, T, N, W, L, U, W97Re3-W75Re25, KpvsAu7Fe, Platinel 2,
PR20-40, NiNiMo, W/WRe26, N (AWG14), XK GOST
RTD Pt100, JPt100, Cu10 GE, Cu10 L&N, Cu10 WEED, Cu10 BAILEY,
Cu10 (20°C) α=0.00392, Cu10 (20°C) α=0.00393, Cu25 (0°C) α=0.00425,
Cu53 (0°C) α=0.00426035, Cu100 (0°C) α=0.00425, J263B, Ni100 (SAMA),
Ni100 (DIN), Ni120, Pt25, Pt50, Pt200 WEED, Cu10 GOST, Cu50 GOST,
Cu100 GOST, Pt46 GOST, Pt100 GOST, PT500*4, PT1000*4
DI Level, Contact
DC current 0-20 mA, 4-20 mA
Scan intervals

1/2/5/10/20/50/100/200/500ms, 1/2/5s

Scan interval by type

Suffix code Scan interval
1ms 2ms 5ms 10ms 20ms 50ms 100ms 200ms 500ms 1s 2s 5s
Power supply and consumption Supplied from main unit, power consumption: 2 W or less
Insulation resistance Between input circuits and internal circuitry : 20 MΩ or greater (at 500 V DC)
Withstand voltage Between the input circuits and the internal circuitry: 3000 V AC for one minute (current scanner type and low withstand voltage type: 1500 V AC for one minute)
Between analog input channels: 1000 V AC for one minute (excluding b terminals for universal input type) (low withstand voltage type: 400 V AC for one minute, high speed universal type: 3000 V AC for one minute)
Terminal types M3 screw terminals or clamp terminals
Weight Approx. 0.3 kg
  1. Cannot be set for the current input type (type suffix code: -C1) or 4-wire RTD/resistance type (type suffix code: -R1).
  2. Cannot be set for the current input type (type suffix code: -C1), electromagnetic relay type (type suffix code: -T1), or low withstand voltage type (type suffix code: -L1).
  3. Can only be set with current input type (type suffix code: -C1).
  4. Can only be set with 4-wire RTD/resistance type (type suffix code: -R1).
  5. Can only be set with high speed universal type (type suffix code: -H0).



Model Suffix Code Description
GX90XA           Analog Input Module
Number of channels -04         4 channels (-H0 type only)
-06         6 channels (-R1 type only)
-10         10 channels
Type -C1       Current, scanner type (isolated between channels)
-L1       Low withstand voltage DCV/TC/DI, scanner type (isolated between channels)
-U2       Universal, Solid state relay scanner type (3-wire RTD b-terminal common)
-T1       DCV/TC/DI, Electromagnetic relay scanner type (isolated between channels)
-H0       High speed universal, individual A/D type (isolated between channels)
-R1       4-wire RTD/resistance, scanner type (isolated between channels)
N     Always N
Terminal form -3   Screw terminal (M3)
-C   Clamp terminal
Area N General


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